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Vigilon panel display flikers

When the panel is turned on the screen flikers along with the fire fault LED's.

Possible solution.
This is likly to be down to the fact that the LCC / MCC software is not correct for the type of door in use. Check door type to LCC / MCC chip version.

New PSU showing master alarms open circuit

Fitted a new power supply and now the panel is saying both master alarms are open circuit even with the end of lines in the panel.

Possible solution.
power supply jumpers J7,8&9 has not be correctly set up for either BS or EN which ever is required.

EN: short pins
P7 = 3,2 (left)
P8 = 3,2 (left)
P9 = 1,2 (top)

BS: short pins
P7 = 2,1 (right)
P8 = 2,1 (right)
P9 = 2,3 (bottem)

How to tell if panel is BS or EN

I need to know if the panel is BS or EN how do I do this

Possible solution.
At the panel pring up the card status for card 0 (info, status, card, 0, entre) if the card version is shown as v3.xx this is BS if v4.xx this is EN

Possible solution.
Looking at the sites config on the comm tool. go to site information, card summary, card 0. card version shown as v3.xx this is BS if v4.xx this is EN

Panel clock loosing or gaining time

The panel clock keeps loosing or gaining time. After adjusting to the correct time after a few days it is again out.

Solution 1 (pre MCC v3.93 / v4.33):
Change the LCC or MCC card. The crystal clock on board is not keeping time correctly a new card should resolve this issue. If not contact technical support.

Solution 2 (from v3.93 / v4.33):
changes are underway so that in the next release os software you will be able to adjust the gain (making the clock more accurate).
When the time is adjusted by less than 15mins they panel will adjust the gain accordingly to either increase the decrease the gain. Arrive on site put time correct, after and hour correct time again if time is more than 15mins out adjust several times. Correct time again after 30mins then another 15mins and finally 5mins.

Dim display on panel

Contrast on the panel display is too low, you can not see the text properly.

Solution 1:
To adjust the contrast on old panel go to:

There is a veriable pot that you will need a terminal screwdriver for. This is located on the DKC (inner door PCB) as you look at the inside of the door top left above 8 way switch.

Solution 2:
To adjust the contrast on new panel go to:


use next (N) and previose (P) to adjust, changes in contrast happen as you adjust the value.

Backing up to NVM

How do you back up the system to the NVM card

Firstly, unprotect the NVM card so that information can be written to the memory card:

Menu > Setup > Protect > Ram (NVM) Card > Disable > Enter

Backup all cards on system:
Menu > Setup > Backup > (0-15) > Ram (NVM) Card. Wait till the message 'Checksum written' is appears. Next Write protect the NVM card:

re-protect NVM card
Menu > Setup > Protect > Ram (NVM) Card > Enable > Enter

Batteries for vigilon panel

What size batteries are used in a Vigilon Panel?

4 x 12V 12AH

Batteries for vigilon repeat

What size batteries are used in a Vigilon Repeat Panel?

1 x 12V 7AH

DC too high

Problem: On power up a Vigilon is showing DC Too High? Solution: First of all make sure that the batteries are connected. If it is a BS panel then check to see if the PSU has been set to EN as opposed to BS by checking the P7,P8 and P9 links. BS setting: (shorting link) P7 = 2,1 (right) P8 = 2,1 (right) P9 = 2,3 (bottem)

Earth fault on PSU

How do I prove that an earth fault is due to a faulty PSU?

Disconnect the earth lead from the 3-way connector block on the PSU PCB. If the earth fault is still present then the earth fault is caused by a faulty PSU.

EOL for master alarms

What are the EOL values for a Vigilon Panel Master alarms?

The master alarms are 22k resistors

NVM is full

The NVM card states that it is full when trying to do a back-up of the system?

The NVM is now full and the NVM card will need re-initialising.

Assuming the write protect is off this can be done by:-

Menu-Test/Eng > Usercode > Test > Freeblok > Next > Enter (turns the freebloks on).

Menu > Test/Eng > Usercode > Card > InitNVM > Enter (initialises NVM). When this process is complete, the message 'NVM Initialised' will appear.

Menu-Test/Eng>Usercode>Test > Freeblok >Previous >Enter (turns the freebloks off)

panel RAL number

What is the RAL colour of a Vigilon/Compact door?

The inner door is RAL 7024. The outer door is Pantone 422 (not a RAL colour)

Ram card option no longer there

The Ram card and its menu options are no longer showing on the system?

This is because the lithium battery has failed on the card. A download must be taken from the panel and the card replaced.

System fault light on

There is a system fault light lit on the panel. But there are no fault or warning lights on?

The system or a card has powered down, then powered up again. This occures to comply to EN54 standards.

This can be reset by:-
Cancel Fault Buzzer

Ambient temp for panel

What is the ambient working temperature for a Vigilon panel?

The temperature is 0 to 45 degrees centigrade

command biulds for U-keys

What command builds are the user keys allocated to on an EN Vigilon Panel?

U1 - CB251, U2 - CB252, U3 - CB253 & U4 - CB254

Zone 1 is disabled

Zone 1 is disabled when first powering up a Vigilon EN54/Compact/Advanced panel with no loops connected and the zone won't enable?

Possible Solution:
This is because there are no devices connected so the panel isolates zone 1. This is to comply with EN54. Add a device into the zone then you will be able to enable that zone.

zone lables being displayed not outstation

The zone label is displayed in a fire condition instead of the device label on a Vigilon EN54/Vigilon Compact?

Possible Solution
This is because the factory default is set to display the zone label instead of the device. This is to comply with EN54.
To set it to device:-
Zone 1to128
All O/S

Zonal LED's not working

Zonal LED's do not work on the panel.

Possible solution.
you can set this up through the comm tool. Site information, there is a tick boxk for zonal LED indication. Note this function does not work on comm tool v1.21 and 1.22

Possible solution.
This can also be setup through the panel. test/eng, usercode, config, display, zone, on.

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